Bitcoin Investment Format For Yahoo [2022 Killer Method]

Bitcoin investment format for yahoo

MAKE 7 FIGURES Bitcoin Investment Format For Yahoo

Do you want to cash out big time? Do you want to start earning seven figures monthly and live that life of luxury and comfort? Congratulations! You are on the right track. This article will give you an insight of everything you need to know about earning big online using Bitcoin format. The following topic is long and we suggest you should make use of table of content.


What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is not just the most popular but the first crypto currency created in 2009 which runs on a platform known as Block chain.


Bitcoin is a digital currency which is operated freely without the control of any social body, that is, organizations like Government and banks.  It makes use of peer to peer software and cryptography to keep it secured.


This is more reason why it is the best platform for scammers because all transactions are non-traceable and secured. The high value of Bitcoin is as a result of high demand for it because of limited supply.


Different methods to convert Bitcoin to cash


Yes! Bitcoin is a digital currency and can’t be seen physically but you didn’t stick all those coins for nothing. Oh yeah! You want real life cash. That shouldn’t be an issue as all you need to cash out lies here.


Before cashing out Bitcoins, you must know that digital coins are volatile and their values change at every significant moment. You have to work with timing and adopt little patience if the timing is not suitable.


You should as well consider the taxes to be paid, the speed of the exchange broker and the charge fee. However, there are two major means to convert Bitcoin to cash, one of which is:


Exchange and broker method:

This method is very safe and secure, this process takes a lot of time for conversion. It takes between 5-6 days before the money reaches your bank account. It is quite similar to the normal money exchange at the airport, you are expected to deposit the certain amount of digital currency to exchange and request for withdrawal. The broker will then transfer your money to the bank account you used in buying the coins.  Note that this process is not free, as the charges differ from country to country.


Peer to peer transactions:

This method involves selling Bitcoin in exchange for cash. You can decide which payment method you want the buyer to use. It could be either bank transfer or cash deposit. Always request for proof of payment before sending out your Bitcoins so as to avoid being scammed.


Is it safe to invest in Bitcoin?

Note that investing into crypto currency is a risk, in fact life itself is a big risk; you can certainly lose all your money in Bitcoin because it is extremely volatile and can drop anytime which could be a great loss to the investor. Therefore, it is very necessary for the investor to learn different strategies on how to invest on Bitcoin s as not to be at loss every time.



Having known a little about Bitcoin and how to convert your coins into cash, we will go further to explain what Bitcoin billing format is all about.


This is a format mostly used by some persons popularly known as “yahoo boys”. It is the act of billing clients in other to fraudulently obtain their Bitcoins from them.


If you want to venture into this, you must learn different strategies. Most people go as far as opening a Bitcoin investment platform, inviting users through different means, persuading them to invest in their platforms. After which they have obtained enough coins from them, they go ahead to close up those platforms.


What are the tools required for Bitcoin billing format


  • Computer or mobile phone:

This is the major and most important tool needed to start any digital online business, whether fraudulent or not, mobile phones or laptops are very necessary. Without these gadgets, there’s no way transactions can take place.


This is a means of communication between you and your client, once there is no communication, there is no business. When getting a phone, you need to get one with good features that will ease the whole process.


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  • VPN:

This tool is used to change your location while browsing for clients in some dating apps and social sites. Many of these sites don’t accept African countries especially Nigeria and Ghana, so to stop and bypass this you can use VPN.


Make sure it’s a premium account (paid), try Nord, IP vanish or paid VPN.


  • BTC Wallet:

This is an online software where Bitcoins are kept. It is very easy and free to register. This is very similar to a bank account where your important items are kept for you in a secured place. Note that, just like the banking system, your wallet password and other important details should be kept to oneself.


The software will generate a brand new Bitcoin address for you every time you create an invoice or receive a payment request for Bitcoins too.


  • BTC address:

This is a medium through which Bitcoins can get into your wallet. Just like the banking system; if there is no account number, then money cannot be transferred to you. Same applies to having a Bitcoin wallet address, without it, you can’t receive Bitcoins from anybody. Your Bitcoin address can be gotten after clicking on receive in your wallet. This is what a wallet address looks like:


CoincellerBest BTC Flashing Software (Send Fake Bitcoin To Another Wallet)


  • Email address:

This is another tool needed. If you don’t have an email address at this point, there is a necessity for you to create one for yourself because without this email, you can’t create a wallet and other social platforms that will be needed for this process.


Email address is usually in this format; or


  • Writing Tool:

This tool is also important especially when you are not too fluent in English language so your clients will not have double mind investing. One writing tool that can help is Grammarly.


  • Foreign Phone Number:

You can’t be using a number with your country code to run business with a client and you expect them to have trust in you. You must get a foreign number (USA phone number) to avoid much explanation.


  • Social media accounts:

This is where you can catch all your fishes. You can use accounts like Facebook, dating sites, twitter etc. to get clients. You have to be very smart because most of the people you will try to convince on these platforms are smarter. Learn different strategies because once they know about a particular or popular strategy used, it will be very difficult to persuade them.



How to Make clients to invest in Bitcoin [Billing Method]

There are several fake investment platforms that scam people by telling them how their money can be doubled in a few days or weeks. They make it seem real to entice more people to invest in their platforms.


The interesting fact about all these is that, no matter the number of times people are scammed, they will want to try out other platforms. What point are we driving at? There will always be clients for you when you try using the Bitcoin billing format.


To use Bitcoin billing format, you need a Bitcoin website (fake Bitcoin mining) that will enable people to register their account. The fake mining machine will be reading daily, giving the investors the mindset that it is real and not a scam.


Moreover, if you do not want to use this website format, you can adopt social network format. Here, you can open several foreign accounts on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and WhatsApp.


You can even decide to hack some person’s account to make it look more real, especially after their investors may have seen the huge number of friends.

To make this work, you have to keep your accounts active all the time by posting at regular intervals, you can also post in Bitcoin related groups and can as well pay for sponsored ads. People from far and wide will message you to learn more.


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This is where your grammar tool comes in, you need fluent English and spelling to make your aspiring investors see reasons why they should invest.


Show them fake Bitcoin transaction screenshots, convince them and tell them reasons why they should invest in your platform. Do them a favor of teaching them what crypto is all about because they might be naïve or have low knowledge about Bitcoin. Once they show interest, send them a link to your website or if there is no website link, you can direct them to open a wallet from a trusted platform and obtain their wallet address. Afterwards, you can direct them to buy Bitcoins with a credit card.


As soon as everything is ready, you can tune them in to sending you their wallet details so you can invest for them. This is when you transfer all their Bitcoins into yours and block them. They won’t be able to trace you because crypto transactions are untraceable. Here is detailed information on different formats to use when trying to convince your clients.


  • Dating Format:

On these platforms, you are exposed to mostly foreigners. How is this done? Open an account on any dating sites, like swindlers, tinder etc. Use a very attractive photo of a model.


Get acquainted with one of the users, and shower her attention and care. Send emails, texts and phone calls to get the love stronger. Always promise to meet but always give excuses.

When the trust is gained, tell them about your Bitcoin Investment website and why they should invest. Once they invest, you block them from any means of communicating with you.


You can use this format:

Hello Honey, have you heard of Bitcoin? It’s a cryptocurrency and it has value like the dollar, you can search about Bitcoin on google and see some information about it. Currently I have invested about $2000 worth of Bitcoin and I earn $100 every day from the investment and also my friend Jack invested $5000 bitcoin in fact he borrowed some money and invested now he receives $200 daily.


  • Social media accounts:

It is very easy to scam people on telegram and other social media platforms. You can decide to open a Bitcoin investment group and invite people to join your group. Give them reasons why they should invest, and show them fake screenshots of Bitcoin transactions. They will believe you and go to the extent of inviting their friends and family to invest in your platform too. Also get some people to testify for you to make others believe that it is very real.


  • Fake Bitcoin Investment website:

If you wish to get a Bitcoin Investment website, there is a tutorial video to watch below. This Bitcoin format requires you to have a very attractive website designed for this purpose, creating awareness on different social platforms. You can even go as far as getting a sponsored ad.


People never get tired of investing no matter how many times they have been scammed. Make them see reasons why yours is different. Your website should be very professional and attractive, your investment return should not be “too good to be true”, use a moderate ROI if not they make you doubt your platform.


Just like Ponzi schemes, give them the opportunity to choose different investments they can afford and do not forget adding some fake screenshots. You should be very careful of who designs your website because some might leak your secret.


  • Random posting method:

This method requires you posting in different groups on Facebook and different pages, telling people about Bitcoin and how they can invest and make lots of money. You have to be smart while dealing through this method because the people don’t trust you yet, so you must use a nice profile and show them lots of fake screenshots about the money you have been receiving (Bitcoin alert).


  • Sending Bulk Email [Email Spamming Method]:


This is another method I use with a lot of results. Works better with a website. All you have to do is get emails, have a good sender, and keep sending. This is a numbers game, the more you send the more clients you get. Another thing I do is buy emails of people who already know about bitcoin or crypto investment. If you are interested, click here to buy. You can also use any email sender, but what works for me is setting up my own bulk email server. It’s easy.



Here is a step by step tutorial video on how to create a Bitcoin Investment website.


Conclusively, if you read through this article and follow the guidelines, then you are on your way to earning 7 figures. I would as well advise my readers that there are better and legit ways to make money. This is not an advisable means to make money as you could be caught trying to scam people. Most of these people are scammed of their life savings which could cause those tears. But if you have made up your mind on getting on with it, the world is a free place.


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