Fake Btc Sender Software [Fake Bitcoin sender 2022 Review]

Fake Btc Sender Software

Many people ask if they are anything like fake BTC sender software. In 5 years of doing software usage and review, I have never thought of trying out the fake bitcoin sender software and doing a review, though I have heard a lot about bitcoin sender apps that send fake bitcoin alerts. Most times, people call it sender flash or send test.


So I decided to get some of these apps with my money and test them to see how they; I wasn’t surprised when I discovered that 95% of these apps were scams. Just some fake apps created to scam buyers, and trust me, the demand for these apps is at an all-time high as many working boys are looking for ways to make money by all means and are failing for apps that are also created to scam them, this is funny and laughable as the fisherman has been fished.


Like I always do, take the bullet so you don’t have to, I have gone out of my way to use these apps, and I will be reviewing about 2 of the best Fake bitcoin sender software. However, I have spent a good amount to purchase them.


I also have my way of getting these apps without spending a dime, and any of these days, I will also show you how to get some apps without spending a cent. In contrast, some of the methods that worked for some apps didn’t work for others, and I had to pay to get them personally, and it turned out to be a waste of money as some end up sending apps that never work or different apps entirely.


What is Bitcoin


If you have been reading articles from this blog constantly, I always make sure everyone, including a newbie, is carried along, so I’ll be heating from crash what bitcoin is all about and how it relates to “Fake Bitcoin sender software” the topic. According to investopedia Bitcoin is a decentrFalized digital currency that can be transferred via a peer-to-peer bitcoin network.


Bitcoin transactions are verified by network nodes through cryptography and recorded in public distributed ledger called a blockchain.


The cryptocurrency was invented in 2008 by an unknown person or group of people using the name Satoshi Nakamoto currency began used in 2009 when its implementation was released as open-source software.


In a nutshell, bitcoin is a digital currency and has been widely used for over a decade. People trade bitcoin and accept payments in bitcoin, not just bitcoin, as of March 2022.


There are over 18,465 cryptocurrencies in existence. According to Cointracker, bitcoin is the most widely used cryptocurrency globally. Over 6 million people worldwide now use bitcoin on over 10,000 exchanges. This is how the bitcoin fake sender software comes in, and you can make money by sending bitcoin flashes that never get delivered.


How Fake Bitcoin Sender works


The fake bitcoin sender software is a powerful software that can send flash bitcoin tokens to any wallet addresses of your intending victim without actually sending the coin. As it uses some of the best blockchain technology to achieve this, developers who understand how this system works have developed rare software that uses the blockchain technology to deliver flash bitcoin in wallets address.


However, some of these exchanges are very strict with tight security, and flashes are hard to reflect; that is why you see so many fake apps claiming to send fake bitcoin.


The fake Bitcoin sender software is a virus sending software that affects wallet addresses.

Like the cryptocurrency malware chipset, unlike the Malware set, coins are sent to your wallet that never appears on your but leave transaction addresses showing successful, but your balance remains the same.


Still, of how open source works and some fraudulent developers develop Malware that makes this flashes, though these apps are scarce and the fake ones are the dominating ones, this article is compiled to show you the best two fake bitcoin sender apps that work, and how to get these apps.


Each of these apps has various features, each complementing the other. And they are developed by some of the best blockchain developers around and are priceless.


How To Use Fake Bitcoin Sender Software


While using this app, you have to be very careful; the victim you intend to use the app on might be a cryptocurrency expert and detect that the coin you send might be fake.


Here are the best ways to use the fake btc sender software. You might call it the fake bitcoin sender app’s best usage guide.


Avoid Bitcoin Merchants


While using the fake btc sender software, make sure you never use it on a cryptocurrency or bitcoin merchant site, as most crypto merchants use an API software called Blocdetec. It’s third-party software that detects fake cryptocurrency transactions and validates all crypto transactions before sending them to the blockchain, and then credits your wallet balance.


If you don’t want them to catch you, avoid registered and established cryptocurrency merchants, as this might have significant consequences in your residing country.


Don’t Exceed Daily Limit


One of the best fake Bitcoin sender apps I know, Coinceller, has a daily limit to flashes you can send. If you send forced fake flashes, you might lose your License.

For efficiency, the app was developed to make five times daily flashes. If you force flash and exceed the daily flashes, you might have your License banned or terminated. This happens because excess usage can disrupt the host and server of the flash malware.


One user, One License


Most fake Bitcoin sender software has a one-user, one-license policy, meaning you can not share your login details or license with anybody. Most fake btc sender software will register your device and store information about your device on their server to make sure you don’t log in with another unrecognized device, meaning you can’t sell and redistribute the software.


Features of a Working Fake Bitcoin Sender


As mentioned earlier in this article, 95% of fake bitcoin sending software or apps are not working. They’re just software created to defraud users.


I know this cause I have done my research that took over 6months to complete, research that forced out money from my pocket, and I have made over ten purchases of some of these apps that cost around 900 to 1500 dollars I have bypassed over seven apps. All the apps did not do what they promised (send fake bitcoin).


Some of these apps are apps thoroughly recommended and known by some OGs in the game. Since this article is to bare everything out, I’ll show you some of the features of a working fake bitcoin sender compared to a bitcoin sender designed to scam you.


Subscription fee


A lot goes into programming software that solves issues, not just software that solves problems, but software that deals with blockchain technology, constant update, and malware malfunction checks.


The developers of this software or apps must make money from them, so even after buying such software, which is always expensive, have subscription fees attached.





A working fake bitcoin sender can not be seen by anyone. Most of the time, these functional apps are sold on the dark web.


Developers of these apps hardly give credit to themselves as they only work from behind the scene. They constantly change web URLs. Their developers are always anonymous and can never leave a trace of their hideout.


List Of Working Fake Bitcoin Sender Software


Enough of all the groundbreaking talk part. Let’s hit home and bring out the best working fake Bitcoin sender software in this particular other.




I have made mentioned Coinceller in this article before. Coinceller happens to be one of the best and working Fake bitcoin sender apps at the moment this app apart from the fact that it’s hard to get due to its nature, the developers of this app did a real lofty job developing this app.


After hunting for the best working bitcoin sender app for a long time, I finally discovered a bitcoin sender app with the strongest flashing capacity of all time;


This app is so powerful that its flash duration leaves you wondering if you haven’t mistakenly sent bitcoin to your supposed victim. I initially thought I sent bitcoin to my wallet while testing the software.


Meanwhile, relax as I bring you every piece of information about this app and how to make a tremendous amount of money from it.


Features of Coinceller


No limit to the Amount of Coin you Can Send


Other apps I have seen have limits on the amount of the coin you can send, but when it comes to Coinceller, I was shocked to discover that they are no limits to how much you can send to any wallet with Coinceller.


This is one of the reasons I rate Coinceller as one of the best, and I was able to send as high as five fake Bitcoin to my wallet without getting my License restricted or closed.


Lasting Flash Duration


The technology behind the Coinceller flash system is so unbelievable. The duration in which your send can last in your wallet is top-notch. Coin sent through the fake bitcoin sender app Coinceller can last up to 14days before vanishing without leaving suspicion for anyone.


While this can’t beat the detecting API, I mentioned that most merchants who operate bitcoin trading websites and apps use it; it’s top-notch; unlike anyone known, you can send to buyers who work one wallet to wallet transfer.


Transfer to Five Wallet


Coinceller can transfer to five maximum wallets a day. While they are no limits on the amount you can transfer, unlike other flash tools below, you cannot send to more than five wallets with Coinceller, meaning you can send any amount of bitcoin or Ethereum to any wallet. Still, it must not exceed five different wallet addresses.


Lifetime Subscription


The subscription fee for Coinceller is a one-time subscription that doesn’t demand renewal, though there is no excellent customer service because the developers are working behind the scene and want to remain anonymous; so far, they make sure everything is updated and working fine.


Coin is tradeable


Unbelievable as it seems, coins sent with Coinceller flash, the best fake bitcoin sender app to your wallet, are tradeable with the duration stipulated by the developers. I am still studying how this works out for my benefit as I intend to use the same technology to develop other tools.


Supports Multiple Wallets


Coinceller supports many wallets such as blockchain, Coinbase, Binance, Hotbit, and Luno. Many fake bitcoin sender apps don’t support some wallets due to their strict and firm security systems, but Coinceller supports them.


However, I only tried it with Trustwallet cause it’s the only wallet you can create in seconds, and I did not want to compromise my main finance and Luno wallet. Keep checking. I will take a look and update this article.


Types of Coins Supported by Coinceller


Coinceller, unlike some fake bitcoin sender apps, supports multiple cryptocurrencies and can be sent by just adding the wallet address of the coin you want to send on the app. To send bitcoin or Ethereum, you must select bitcoin or Ethereum, input the correct wallet address and amount, and then hit the send button.


It doesn’t take time to reflect on the receiver end. I rank it the best fake bitcoin sender app with the best flash blockchain technology.


How to Make Money with Coinceller


Many bitcoin vendors only operate through social media and are legit, too; they don’t have a website or an app you send to them, and they confirm and pay you.


You can contact them and sell bitcoin to them, then send the coin to them (fake) using Coinceller, it will appear in their wallet, and they will send you money, or if you don’t want to be traceable, you request for another coin like USDT or Eth. since the coin last for 14days before disappearing, you will have no problem.


Coinceller Support System


I discovered that the Coinceller app notification bar would keep you updated about the app.


This shows that the app developer is always working on making the app run smoothly as they want to remain anonymous. So far, I have used the app without any issues and have never encountered any problems with the app.


Coinceller Availability


Coinceller, as a decentralized app, is available for purchase in any format you want. It can be used on all operating systems, if you make a purchase, you can state the device you intend to use it on, either Android, Apple, and Pc, or you can decide to get all formate for an extra cost.


How To Get Coinceller


Coinceller, as I said, is a rare app to get anywhere. You can only get it by visiting the official coinceller website or contacting the contacts below. Anyone promising you to give you Coinceller is only planning to provide you with a locked Coinceller, which cannot be used for anything, or is planning to provide you with a different app entirely.


To get Coinceller, kindly message us by clicking the WhatsApp icon button, and you will be attended to immediately.




This is also one of the best Fake Bitcoin sending apps. While I was testing out these fake bitcoin apps, it was the last app I checked, and I almost gave up on finding a working fake bitcoin sender app using the flash blockchain technology.


I was tired of my fruitless search until I came across Sherubit and subsequently seeing Coinceller, in this article Sherubit come close to Coinceller though Coinceller is ahead with a considerable margin as the best fake bitcoin sender app around though not easy to get.


Features of Sherubit


Here are all the features of Sherubit and why I think it’s one of the best fake Bitcoin sender apps around you. The reader will have to be the judge even if you do not purchase all the apps listed here.


Transfer 2 bitcoin Only


With Sherubit, you can only transfer two bitcoin daily, and any amount that exceeds two bitcoin might lead to the app crashing; I tried to contact the developers of the app, suggesting they instead return an error message when a user tries to exceed their limit or disable some fields rather than freezing the app.


Still, just like all other illegal apps, the developers never left a means of contacting them. If you don’t want your License revoked, as stated in the manual that came with the app, don’t try to exceed your daily limit.


Supports Trustwallet and Luno


Sherubit supports only two wallets so far. I have only tried it on Trustwallet. Though slow to deliver, the app eventually delivered the coin to my wallet and vanished after 48hrs.


Flash Duration


The technology used on Sherubit is a powerful one; the flash system works, and last 48hrs, I wanted to rank it the highest so far, not until I came across Coinceller; nevertheless, Sherubit has a nice and moderate flash duration, coins set to the intended victim wallet last for 2days and can be sent to only two wallets, Luna and Trustwallet as stated in their manual.


Not Tradeable


Coin Send with Sherubit is not tradeable and cannot be sent to another wallet; I tried sending the over 1.6970000 bitcoin I sent to my Trust wallet, and it didn’t go through. I kept getting an error message and concluded the coin sent by Sherubit were not tradeable. Nevertheless, the cash never disappeared until 24hrs.


Subscription Plan


As expensive as it may be, the subscription plan for Sherubit is worth it, and it’s a lifetime subscription. No other subscription is needed; once the app is sent to you, it comes with the license code and your already generated login details on a PDF file.


Coins Supported on Sherubit


Like Coinceller, Sherubit supports only bitcoin anybody who says otherwise wants to scam you or has not used the app forehand. I discover most of these fake Bitcoin sender apps only help bitcoin. Still, the reason behind this is what I don’t know.


How to Get Sherubit


Like most fake Bitcoin sending apps, Sherubit is available for anonymous purchase only. Once you confirm that the app is working perfectly and feedback is given to them, you will no longer be able to contact them; you will only have to use the notification bar in the app to get any update on what is happening with the app.


This means the support is available. To get the Sherubit app, kindly use the contact number below and message the developers directly to get the app and License; you can decide to get the app without contacting anyone by using the official Sherubit website link.




I have taken my time to write about this article, do well to share, and also, you can comment using the comment box to share your thoughts and difficulty as it concerns “fake bitcoin sender app” I’ll be delighted to hear from you.


Note: every review on this blog is not paid review, as we are not affiliated with the developers of these apps (except stated otherwise). I only share them for educational purposes and so, therefore, can not be held responsible if any reader misuse this information.



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